Suva Rugby Club Games

Suva Rugby Club competition has for the last 4 years grown from strength to strength and continues to forge ahead with strong competition from all affiliated clubs.

The huge number of clubs displaying their various skills against each other every Saturday has contributed enormously to the high quality club competition in the capital. As a result we have been tagged the best club competition in the country as clubs compete to achieve the ultimate goal of wresting the coveted Fiji Bitter Escort Shield.

This year’s competition has two top grades with Premier Grade which consists of 14 top clubs and the Koroturaga Grade which consists of 20 club teams. Two top teams from the Koroturaga grade automatically qualifies for the Premier grade the following year while the bottom two teams from the Premier Grade gets demoted to the Koroturaga grade the following year.

With the huge number of corporate support coming on board this year has truly ignited the competition to a whole new level. Our weekly competition is designed towards one goal that is to inspire our players to play well, fair, clean rugby which is transcript in the Vision, Mission and Values of the Suva Rugby Union.

The competing clubs in this year competition are Fresh’nt Navy, Police Blues, Fiji Bitter Army, Covenant Blues, DHL Raiwaqa, Garden City Lomaiviti Green, Marist OB, Nabua Gold, Savura, Tacirua, Newtown, FMF NFA, QVSOB and RKSOB in the Premier grade. The Koroturaga grade consists of Police White, Nasinu, Harlequins, Dominion Insurance Lomaiviti Black, DHL Raiwaqa Reds, Nabua Maroons, USP Islanders, Samabula, Ricoh Toorak Blues, Covenant Red, Moala Youth MH Red Rock, Lami Duavata, Tovata, Hillview, Wakanisila, Golden Eagles, Lami Kalokolevu, and Grammar OB.

With the great sponsorship secured for the Fiji Bitter Escort Shield, it’s going to be a torrid and stifling battle 100 by the top 14 clubs.

May the best team wins!